Soul Revolution

by Michael McHenry

Released 2008
Released 2008
Raised on Hendrix, Sly, Motown, and the classic rock of the sixty's Michael's music fuses his influences into something exciting and new.
Thoughtful songwriting and soaring guitar playing that is at once ferocious and beautiful, framed by vocal harmonies and singing that truly seems to be coming from the heart.Soul Revolution does not betray it's title.This is the sound of a soul in the midst of revolution.The industrial sounding intro "Revolution" sets up the funk rock of "Stop The Rain" which features a volcanic guitar solo reminicent of "Machine Gun"era Hendrix or Funkadelic's Eddie Hazel.The straight up funk of "Lah"which features Michael's 8 year old daughter on vocals and keyboards shows that Michael is not only a fiery guitar player but also a formidable bassist as well,Do yourself a favor and play this song at full volume.A brief foray into the blues"Burden"leads to the urgent social comentary of "End Of The World" where we find Michael expressing himself on synthisizer."The Meaning"sounds like a sermon on lead guitar and "Good Fortune"is a prayer with a back beat."Altogether Lovely" is a hypnotic love song that could be about two lovers,a parent and child, or the love of God for his creation."Loved" is delicate and healing with lilting guitars,and soothing words and melodies that seem to be flying above the songs arrangement.The east Indian influenced "Time Flie's" floats into the latin pulse of "Devi's Dance" with it's heart pounding rythms.The title song "Soul Revolution"is a meditative mix of acoustic guitar and synth sounds that should be listened to with eye's closed.The lounge singer on acid sounding "Mr.Magoo's Blues"closes what is a must have album for anyone looking for something new and exciting.GET THIS ALBUM and join the Soul Revolution!

soulful, sexy, psychedelic, funky rock music

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