The Falling (The True Story of Adam and Eve)

by Michael McHenry

Released 2014
Released 2014
Haunting words and melodies add a new twist to an age old love story, sometimes strange, always beautiful, beyond seductive, made just for you.
This is a tale told to me by a being I woke to find late one night at the foot of my bed. The bones of a gentle hand strumming my red guitar with fingers that looked like the leafless branches of a winter worn tree. Like the burning bush of Moses the story flowered and bloomed. This music is an attempt to retell the things I heard or I should say saw because they were conveyed with visions. An upturned face with sunken eyes and trembling lips in complete silence, there was only the sound of my red guitar, like a soundtrack to the story...This is that story Written and performed in it's entirety by Michael McHenry, additional vocals by Laura McHenry

soulful, sexy, psychedelic, funky rock music

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